We all love our cars, otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen them, and it’s likely that you’ve chosen yours with several things in mind and high up on the list for many owners is performance! 

Although the cars we deal with are already formidable performers we always seem to want more and there is always a little room for improvement in several areas.

Manufacturers have to make their vehicles, even high performance models, operate in a variety of differing situations. This means that although you as an owner may use only the best quality fuels and treat it with the care and respect it deserves, but some owners may live in countries with a much harsher environment and access to decent fuels may be more difficult so the manufacturer must factor this in when releasing a car world wide. This means they are not meeting their full potential if you are prepared to make sure that you care properly for your vehicle you can extract that extra edge and improve the car in these areas. 

We can offer enhancements for you that will improve over all performance in several ways. These include remapping where we read your engine ECU information and carefully modify the parameters such as fueling, timing and boost control to give not only a higher peak power figure but more importantly vastly improve real-world power delivery and so the driving experience. 

Also, we can offer upgrades to suspension and braking systems that are often over looked but are vital in the pursuit of improved performance. 

Why not drop us a line or email and we can meet your needs and are happy to help and advise you of what solutions are best to meet your individual requirements.